How to Wear Heels Comfortably?

There is nothing like the big ball of confidence you feel when you wear a pair of heels and own the room. Skinny heels, block heels, wedge heels, or the newest trend triangle heels; they all give you a feeling of confidence that no one can take away but pain. Here are some steps that will help you wear comfortably.

1. Sizing Matters

When it come to wearing heels and to feel comfortable size matters. The purchase of the right size is crucial. Sizing up a half size or wear socks with them around the house to give them a little stretch. 

2. Walk Right

Always remember to walk heel to toe. Walking incorrect can cause back pain. 

3. Padded Inserts

There are many different padded inserts. The gel padded inserts work best for me. They are flimsy and very cushioned. Keep in mind while shopping for inserts that they will make the shoe run slightly small, make sure you can move your foot around comfortably. 

These tips should help you ease the pain and wear your heels more comfortably. Check back later to see how we styled our Hermosa-Blue heel. 


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